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  • 2702-2024

    BIPV development trends: future innovations and breakthroughs!

    At present, BIPV technology has been widely used, especially in public buildings, commercial buildings and residential buildings. By combining photovoltaic building materials products with building roofs, walls and other structures, BIPV technology achieves building self-sufficiency, reduces carbon emissions, and improves energy efficiency.

  • 3101-2024

    The data analysis on the development status of photovoltaic glass in China

    Photovoltaic glass, as a special glass for solar cell covers, plays a vital role. It not only protects solar panels from oxidation and corrosion from external moisture and gas, but also protects components from damage by external forces. The core properties of photovoltaic glass lie in its high light transmittance, high strength and strong corrosion resistance. These characteristics directly affect the lifespan and power generation efficiency of photovoltaic modules.

  • 1201-2024

    The flexible modules in real life conditions

    Flexible solar panels are revolutionizing the way we use solar energy. These innovative panels are lightweight, durable and can be easily installed on a variety of surfaces, making them ideal for residential and commercial applications.

  • 3010-2023

    Photovoltaic energy applications in China

    Under the carbon neutrality goals, China traditional PV solar manufacturers are speeding the development of PV field and more applications of solar PV new energy. You will see as below informaitons:

  • 1610-2023

    The Characteristics of photovoltaic PV film

    Photovoltaic PV film as a part of one of the materials for solar panels encapsulations, the main role is to adhesive solar cells, solar temper glass and solar backsheet together. According to the actual application requirements of solar PV modules, in the premise of ensuring the transmission performance of the module can isolate the external water vapor, extend the life of the solar module, protect the battery, and package it into a solar module that can output direct current. Photovoltaic PV film in general should have high transparency, high adhesion, good weather resistance and easy storage, good sound insulation effect, low melting point, easy flow and other excellent performance characteristics.

  • 2509-2023

    Over 95% share! Brief introduction to the development status and market prospect of photovoltaic aluminum frame

    Photovoltaic PV frame is one of the important solar materials/ solar component for solar panel encapsulation, which is mainly used to protect the edge of Solar glass,It can strengthen the sealing performance of solar modules, It also make an important affect for the life of solar panels.

  • 2508-2023

    lighting the future: revolutionizing greenhouse with solar glass technology

    In the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, researchers and innovators around the world continue to push the boundaries to create more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. Recently, an Australian study unveiled groundbreaking findings that have the potential to change the farming industry. It demonstrates how solar glass, when incorporated into a greenhouse, can harness the sun's energy while drastically reducing energy consumption. This article provides an in-depth look at the exciting field of solar glass technology and its profound implications for the future of agriculture and environmental protection.

  • 2507-2023

    Overview of China's PV exports from January to June 2023

    In the first half of the year, the total export volume of China's photovoltaic products (silicon wafers, solar cells, solar pv modules) was preliminarily estimated to exceed US$29 billion a year-on-year increase of about 13%. The proportion of exports of silicon wafers and cells has increased, while the proportion of exports of components has decreased.

  • 2107-2023


    In recent years, the solar glass industry has experienced tremendous growth, and more and more countries and companies have realized the importance of renewable energy. Solar glass, also known as photovoltaic glass, is a special type of glass designed to harness solar energy and convert it into electricity. Commonly used in solar panels and building integrated photovoltaic systems. Looking to the future, it is critical to think about where the process technology of the solar glass industry will go over the next five years. With technological advancements and rising demand for solar energy, several key areas are likely to impact growth and innovation in the industry.

  • 1707-2023

    Flexible modules, more possibilities for photovoltaic applications.

    Flexible modules, more possibilities for photovoltaic applications. High efficiency flexible solar panel. flexible mono perc solar panel.

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